Waiawa Water Replenishment Project

Coca-Cola has contributed a $200,000 grant to the Ko‘olau Mountains Watershed Partnership (KMWP) which will help fund the construction of a 6.6 mile-long protective fence in the Waiawa rain forest.

What’s a Watershed Worth?

Forest conservation is a smart investment. A Hawaiʻi economic study shows that reducing the loss of forest over the next 10 years from 10% to 5% would have a benefit-cost ratio of 50 to 1. In addition to increasing recharge of our aquifers, healthy forests decrease runoff into the ocean, provide a home for endangered species, and give us beautiful scenery.

KMWP Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter

See our work with community partners and what we’ve been able to do with your support in 2017. Click to download.