Water We Drink Comes from the Forest

Most of us know that Oʻahu’s drinking water comes from groundwater wells and shafts, but do you know how our forests capture the water that fills the wells? Watch this 60-second public service announcement to find out.

What’s a Watershed Worth?

Forest conservation is a smart investment. A Hawaiʻi economic study shows that reducing the loss of forest over the next 10 years from 10% to 5% would have a benefit-cost ratio of 50 to 1. In addition to increasing recharge of our aquifers, healthy forests decrease runoff into the ocean, provide a home for endangered species, and give us beautiful scenery.

KMWP Spring 2016 Newsletter

Wanna see what KMWP has been working on? Introducing our Spring 2016 Newsletter where we've highlighted some of our ongoing projects and keep you updated on upcoming events